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Do swirl-marks bother you?

Swirl-marks or "swirls" are micro-scratches in your vehicles paint and clearcoat, usually caused by improper washing and drying techniques but also can be from "detailer" neglect.  Typically these swirl-marks add up over time from automatic (or "swirl-o-matic") car washes.  In the shade, the vehicle shows a lack of gloss and almost a hazy finish.  To highlight this damage, you can use bright sunlight or gas station lights at night. 


The key to removing these horrendous looking marks is setting an appointment for the "Show-Car Treatment" in which DBE will remove 95%+ of the swirl-marks, light scratches, and holograms from your vehicle's surface by a multi-step process of compounding, polishing, and finishing.  Unfortunately, some marks are so deep that removing them would reduce the life of the paint too much.  Detailing By Executive uses professional judgment to determine the maximum trade-off between a stunning appearance and longevity of the paint job.


Here is an after shot of the above Mercedes-Benz GL450:

And from the opposite angle


Not only are the swirl-marks, holograms, and light scratches removed, the paint is noticeably richer in color, wetter looking, and far more reflective.  With the addition of a polymer paint sealant, the surface feels very slick and smooth to the touch.  This virtually frictionless surface will provide the owner with a much easier vehicle to wash and dry, drastically reduced swirl-mark accumulation, and a stunning appearance.


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